GTA 6 Map and Where the Game Will Take Place

According to the new rumors about GTA 6, this game will have the most significant map size ever. Besides the great features that the new game will have, the location of the map is essential. Given Rockstar’s track record they won’t fail with this one. Moreover, the places rumored for Grand Theft Auto 6 are London, LA, and of course Miami’s fictional Vice City. Let’s see what this rumored locations can offer to the game.

First Location: Vice City – Miami

We could base on our logic and guess that the most likely location will be Miami. Choosing Miami is an appropriate location for GTA 6, perfect in the past, and a little bit nostalgic. The question that is raised here is about the era of GTA 6. Some fans don’t want a future Vice City, and they want to go back to the 80s. That could be a problem because of the limitations that the period could cause.

The Second Location: Los Angeles

If we think about the success of Los Santos and GTA 5, maybe Rockstar will consider more this location for the new game. Moreover, we are expecting that GTA 6 will have a better map than the other versions, and with the help of the new generation of consoles, the maps will be far more prominent than ever.

The Third Location: London

The rumor that GTA 6 could be outside of the United States, more specifically in the UK, London, could be a welcome change since the last one in 1999. But this location could have some downsides too. The fans base isn’t excited about the news, and Rockstar Games declared that London was cool for that time, but now it isn’t representing the true GTA game.

Bonus: Chicago and all of America

To see the crime and gang warfare in the “Windy City” could be an excellent location for a backstory. On the other hand, having GTA 6 in all of America, with all kind of settings and bigger maps that could be sustained by the new generation of consoles.

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