Garena Free Fire 1.28.0 Update is Now Available for Android Smartphones

There are lots of fun mobile games that Android fans can play in their free time. However, if we were to pick a game that we could play all day long, then it would have to be Garena Free Fire. This is a fun Battle Royale that is played by millions of people every single day. The reason why so many people have picked Garena Free Fire as their favorite mobile game is because it offers a fun and fast-paced gameplay where players are pined against 49 enemies.

Even though Garena Free Fire might be a really fun game that can help people pass up free time, this is not the reason why it’s making headlines today. The mobile game has received an APK update and today we want to present fans of Garena Free Fire with everything they need to know about it.

Garena Free Fire 1.28.0 Update

The latest update for Garena Free Fire sports the 1.28.0 version number and we are advising everyone who enjoys playing the game to download it as soon as possible. This is a high-priority update and it focuses on making the gameplay of Garena Free Fire feel smoother and overall better. The way that this update does that is by introducing a handful of bug fixes and software tweaks which reduce the chances for Garena Free Fire to randomly crash.

System Requirements

Since this is an APK update that we are talking about, it should come as no surprise that the update can only be installed on Android powered smartphones. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of updates, they should know that APK is an acronym which stands for “Android Package Kit”, hence the Android exclusivity. In addition, all Android users who want to install the new update are required to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

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