PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 APK Brings a New Zombie Mode, New Weapons and Much More

The latest update for PUBG Mobile sports the 0.11.0 version number, however, the developers who are in charge of the mobile game have decided to announce that the upcoming 0.12.0 update is going to arrive sooner than expected. Not just that, but the update will introduce a bunch of cool features that are going to make the mobile game even more fun to play than it already is!

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Has Been Announced

The developers of PUBG Mobile have announced earlier today that the highly anticipated 0.12.0 update is going to launch on April 17th. This is the biggest update that the game will receive this month and it comes with many improvements, including an all-new zombie mode.

New Zombie Mode

PUBG Mobile fans should be excited to find out that the upcoming update is introducing a new mode called Darkest Night. Just like the mod’s name implies, players will need to fight hordes of zombies in order to survive the night and make it to dawn.

Moreover, PUBG Mobile’s already featured Survive Till Dawn mode is being enhanced as well. The developers have announced that the Survive Till Dawn mode is going to feature new weapons, new zombies and even new systems that will make the mod way more difficult and fun at the same time.

Miscellaneous Changes

As you would expect from a new update, the 0.12.0 release for PUBG Mobile will also introduce a handful of software changes. In fact, let’s take a look at the patch notes for the update so that PUBG Mobile players know what’s coming their way on April 17th.

  • Players can now spectate matches of their friends, crew and clan members, and adjust spectator mode privacy settings.
  • Portable closets can now be swapped during combat.
  • Introduced spring theme and a treasure event.

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