Minecraft 1.90 Patch Notes Available to Download With New PS4 Update

Eagers players, Minecraft 1.90 Update Patch Notes are available and ready for you. Also, the PS4 update gives you a lot of features into the game, like Minecraft Texture Pack, the Crossbow Shields and much more with only 239.8 MB size. With this size, you will download and install it quickly and let you enjoy the substantial numbers of features added. Are you curious to find out what’s new?

Minecraft 1.90 Update Patch Notes

First of all, you will receive the new Trophies for the PS4 version of Minecraft. Second, you will have the new Minecraft Texture Pack. With it, you could give the game a fresh splash of colors, and if you don’t like it, you can turn it back to Classic Texture Pack any time. Moreover, new interactable objects are added to the game. So you will see Loom, the Lantern, the Crossbow, the Lecturn, Shields, new Enchanted Books, and many more. Numerous changes are made regarding the destroyed leaves that will drop sticks or the option where you can use dead bushes as Furnace fuel, and you can ruin the Chorus Flowers with arrows. The funny feature added to the game is the ability to load Dispensers with Shears. Using this option will improve farming, and if you activate it, you can trim sheep more easily.

Other Features Added to Minecraft 1.90 Update

  • Jellie is added to the new community Cat variant;
  • The Banner Pattern is added;
  • The new Wooden blocks and Stripped Wood blocks are added;
  • Shields are added too;
  • This one is for cats lover: you can now heal cats by feeding them Raw Cod or Raw Salmon;
  • More recipes are coming: the Rabbit Stew and Beetroot Soup recipes are added;
  • We will have some new abilities: you can create dyed Stained Glass from Glass Pane and Dye, and dyed Carpet from White Carpet and Dye;
  • Your wet Sponges will dry out after placing them in the Nether or a Warm Biome.

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