Minecraft Trial Update for Android Brings Better Gaming Experiences

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is an amazing game that has been topping the “most played” charts for more than a decade now. However, there are still many people who have yet to give the game a try and this is where the Trial version of the game comes in. Just like the name implies, Minecraft Trial makes it possible for new players to download the game on their Android powered devices and test it out for free.

The cool thing about Minecraft Trial is the fact that it offers the premium Minecraft: Pocket Edition experience. This means that Android fans who decide to check out Minecraft Trial will be able to access tons of different options and features that the game offers starting with the settings menu that lets players customize everything and ending with playing the Survival Mode.

Minecraft Trial Update

Android fans should be happy to know that Minecraft Trial has just been updated. The update for Minecraft Trial sports the version number and it brings lots of “goodies” that Android fans can test out for free. In fact, let’s check out what are the new features that the update brings.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

The developers of Minecraft Trial know that Android fans are downloading and installing this game on their devices in order to see how fun Minecraft: Pocket Edition really is. This is why the developers have decided to release the new update and to pack it with lots of cool features such as enabling the Creative and Multiplayer modes.

The update also introduces a couple of bug fixes that have been specially designed in order to increase the software stability of Minecraft Trial. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since nearly all Minecraft updates for both mobile and PC come with bug fixes.

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