Pokemon Duel 7.0.9 Update with Game-Balance Changes and Bug Fixes is Now Available for Download

If you enjoy playing the highly popular strategy game called Pokemon Duel, then we have some amazing news to share with you today. The mobile game has received a new update which changes its version number to 7.0.9 and today we are going to cover everything there is to know about it. Considering the fact that Pokemon Duel is a strategy game, we are advising all fans to download the new update as soon as possible since it comes with game-balance changes and all skilled players need to study them in order to dominate their enemies.

Pokemon Duel 7.0.9 Update

As previously noted, the latest update for Pokemon Duel is changing the game’s version number to 7.0.9. This is a high priority update for all Pokemon Duel fans and everyone who wants to download it will need to make sure to free up at least 84.94MB of free internal storage space. Not just that, but the update also requires a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system in order to run properly.

What’s New?

The question that all Pokemon Duel fans must be asking themselves right now is what are the new features that the new update introduces? Well, the new update doesn’t come with any new features. However, Pokemon Duel fans shouldn’t be disappointed about this because the new update makes up for the lack of features by introducing game-balance changes.

Therefore, Pokemon Duel fans are advised to install the new update and to start getting in duels with their friends in order to see how the game feels after the new game-balance changes have been added.

In addition, the developers of Pokemon Duel have also made sure to introduce a handful of bug fixes in the new update. These bug fixes are designed to lower the changes for the mobile game to crash or lag.

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