Borderlands 3 Can Be Purchased Via Third Parties, Not Only From Epic Games Store

Epic Games announced their Borderlands 3 as an Epic Store exclusive title for PC earlier this month. Although their fair revenue share is tempting to game developers, the contentious store is not so much liked by the gaming community for numerous reasons.

Epic Store’s fixed payment methods include a transaction fee that is paid by the purchaser, and this certain system together with various others, discouraged PC gamers from using the store, and therefore, buying Borderlands 3. In spite of the past issues, the unreleased game is now purchasable at third-party key sellers which propose the same revenue share as Steam.

Third-party retailers are already making Borderlands 3 available for pre-selling

GameRant is the portal which reported that numerous third-party key sellers are now pre-selling Borderlands 3. However, this fact brings forth numerous questions as Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney stated earlier that Epic Store non-exclusive titles would be accessible through third parties. Shortly after, he added that exclusive games would be treated the same way if the game’s developer eventually chooses to work with the third party site.

What does that mean? It means that those with limited access to payment methods can go for third party sellers and prevent the fee Epic Store is charging with the purchase. Amid the numerous payment methods offered by the Epic Store, around 80 percent of them ask for no fee, however, some regions are not making those solutions accessible so the gamers don’t have other choices.

Luckily, key sellers like Green Man Gaming and Humble Bundle are now offering Borderlands 3. The key sold by those retailers is destined for activation on the Epic Store, don’t forget. As Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford said that these sites are offering keys that will facilitate a credentialed account an entitlement of the game on the Epic game store.

What gamers have noticed is that Green Man Gaming is offering a 70/30 revenue split, which is exactly the same as Steam’s, and this decision have left a lot of players questioning why the game is not launched on Steam. However, Epic Games and Publisher 2K have still to clear the matter.

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