Command & Conquer Remastered Is in Works Right Now. Everything You Need to Know

In 2018, during E3, EA announced a new Command & Conquer. We got the impression that it won’t be like the original series, but that it will be more of a stripped-back mobile game. Of course, this piece of news delighted the C&C fans. After the conference, EA stated that there was a small team working on a full 4K remaster of the original game, that was released back in 1995.

We have heard that the work on the remaster is pretty good so far, according to the EA producer Jim Vessella. He stated that they were close to the finish of their pre-production phase.

In March, they delivered their first playable campaign mission – the GDI Mission 1, which came with many samples of the remastered art at 4k. it came with a complete Visual Target image, which helped the team put in place the goals for the artistic images.

What are they working on right now?

Right now, they are working on the multiplayer and they are running it for the first time, together with many art assets iterating before their finished work.

Their first goal was to keep the authenticity of the original game’s assets. If there is something wrong between the in-game assets, the cinematic asset and the UI portrait, they will need to go for the in-game asset.

This means that if there are any opportunities to get some details from the cinematic material in order to develop an asset, they’ll do it as soon as possible. A very good example for this would be the blue texture of the Con Yard door, which was inspired by the Con Yard unpacking cinematic.


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