Persona 5: The Royal Has Two Release Dates

If you are excited for Persona 5 Royal, we have some good news for you. The release dates for the game have been announced, and if you are from Japan you are extra lucky as the game will come out this year. Meanwhile the rest of the world will receive the game in 2020.

A complete trailer for Persona 5 Royal was also revealed at the live concert special Persona Super Live 2019. The official Japanese trailer can be watched here and it reveals plenty of details about the game. Let’s discuss them.

The trailer

The trailer begins with a new theme song. In the video we have a chance to explore new areas that weren’t available in the original version. This time the player has a chance to walk around Kichijoji and interact with various characters.

A long list of activities is available. You can go play darts at the Penguin Sniper bar, you can play pool or go visit an aquarium.

If you missed the action you will be glad to hear that there are brand new attack animations. Makoto has some impressive fist punches and Haru is spotted firing her grenade launcher. The trailer also leads us to believe that there will be a new palace.

Kasumi Yoshizawa is the new member of the team. She is a gymnast and a transfer student at the Shujin Academy. We even have a chance to see her gymnast moves during an animated cutscene. When it comes to fighting Kasumi uses a rifle and a sword. It appears that her character will be an important one and she is connected to Goro Akechi and Joker. We also see Takuto Maruki who seems another major character. He is a new Shujin school counselor as well as a new Confidant.

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