Bethesda Is Struggling To Turn Fallout 76 Into An Excellent Game

The first possible “pay-to-win” item that Fallout 76 will have will be added with the next update. The community is quite anxious about this highly controversial utility item, but Bethesda, the developer, want to add it to the game, this being something they must decide on. The ProSnap expensive camera will also be introduced through Fallout 75 8.5 patch, and this way players will have the possibility to complete camera-related challenges and snap photos.

Fallout 76 8.5 patch to introduce repair kits

Earlier this month the item has been announced for the first time by Bethesda, and the Fallout 76 players’ biggest concern was that the game would become pay-to-win. The repair kits are available in two forms, and they allow players to increase an item’s condition to 100% or 150% instantly.

If you complete various challenges, you can earn a repair kit, but you can also purchase the basic variants via the Atomic Shop. Previously, the Atomic Shop was said to be by Bethesda reserved for cosmetic items so you can now see why the players got alarmed by the introduction of repair kits.

“Over the past couple weeks, we’ve examined all the feedback and today we want to share our thinking when it comes to these types of items and how they relate to the Atomic Shop,” says Bethesda.

Fallout 76 8.5 patch will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC

Pay-to-win functionalities can profoundly impact the player base of a multiplayer game. Bethesda does not aim to provide players with a competitive edge over others but with a convenient option thanks to those repair kits. However, if the community thinks the existence of the repair kits is unfair, the developer will not hesitate to tweak the item.

You can now get the Fallout 76 8.5 patch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For PC the download size is about 1 GB while for consoles it is 2 GB.

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