Minecraft’s New Update 1.14 named Village & Pillage Is Available to Download

Minecraft’s Java edition has been updated and the latest version, 1.14 is named Village & Pillage. This update increases the features the game has and includes pillagers, crossbows, cartography, raids and so on. In the new edition, groups of Illagers, including the Pillagers outfitted with crossbows will attack and raid towns, which can now sound a new bell to call the citizens inside.

Crossbows shot arrows but with some more energy, creating much more damage than bows will, but have a lower durability. The crossbows can be boosted with multishot which divides arrows into three missiles, cutting by traveling through rival mobs, and fast charge with declined reload time.

The weapon also include their own reloading mechanical details, and you’ll have to keep down the ‘Use’ tab until the crossbow string is dragged back entirely.

The Java’s Village & Pillage new update also includes pillager patrols which will regularly meander around the world, and raiding towns. The patrols also have their own pillager remote stations which are created by a ‘new mystery block’ known as the jigsaw.

A few illagers will have some daunting looking banners placed over their heads, and these are the indication of a raiding operation. Mojang’s patch notes are a little bit circumspect about how these new features work but it is said that you should be extra attentive not to somehow end up killing illagers with the banners over their heads. However, of you do kill one of them, or all, you could end up cursed with the ‘Bad Omen’ which will make you awfully unwelcome in most of the normal villages.

The game’s version 1.14 has a lot of additional features and lots of changes. Ocelots and cats are regarded as separate animals. The essential difference between them that you need to remember is that cats can be domesticated, but the ocelots cannot. Also, phantoms are incredibly scared of cats which makes them convenient to have them around.

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