Minecraft Trial New Update is Available for Download with Gameplay Improvements

Even though this might be hard to believe at first, it’s been ten years since Minecraft was launched! The highly popular game launched back in May 17th, 2009 and the amazing thing about this is that Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in the world to this day. This shows us that Minecraft has stood the test of time and that despite its “blocky” visuals, the gameplay experience that Minecraft offers is what really matters.

Nonetheless, Minecraft is a premium game and everyone who wants to play it will need to pay up. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Here is where Minecraft Trial for Android comes in. This is a special version of the Pocket Edition of the game which means that it can run on Android powered smartphones and to top it all off, it’s entirely free!

Minecraft Trial for Android

What makes Minecraft Trial for Android special is the fact that despite being a trial version of the game, it doesn’t place any restrictions on the players. This means that Android fans who decide to install Minecraft Trial for Android on their smartphones will get the full Minecraft experience. With that said, Android fans should be pleased to find out that Minecraft Trial for Android has just received a new update.

New Update

While this might be a trial version of the game, it still needs to run at peak performance levels. The reason behind this is that Minecraft Trial for Android is giving smartphone users a “taste” of what the gameplay feels like and this is why the developers the keep releasing software updates that introduce bug fixes and tweaks that optimize the performances of the mobile game. Therefore, we are advising all Minecraft fans who want to check out how the gameplay feels like on their Android powered smartphones to download the latest version of Minecraft Trial.

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