Borderlands 3 Gameplay Stream Revealed Lots Of Changes In The Upcoming Gearbox Title

Gearbox Software has recently shown a significant amount of Borderlands 3 gameplay, including a large part of the tutorial and a few fights in some of the new regions of Pandora and beyond. The experience appears to be very enjoyable with a host of gameplay tweaks being noticeable.

Here’s everything we’ve learned from the Borderlands 3 gameplay stream

A large change comes in the form of increased mobility as players are now able to mantle and slide, which makes combat more strategic and enjoyable in the long run. Another addition comes in the form of a spectacular alternate fire mode for select weapons. A pistol featured in the stream can shoot a tracking bullet, and for a short while, the normal bullets will follow the target automatically.

Many players will love the new skill trees which are bigger, better and more rewarding. Instead of one action skill per class, you will have three action skills which can be swapped. New customizations can radically alter the effect of a skill, a feature which can lead to surprising and unexpected build.

The co-op experience has been improved with the help of tweaks. Each player will receive various level-appropriate loot drops throughout the game, a change which should minimize discussions about who gets to pick a particular item after an intense gunfight.

The level scaling system has been revamped, and it will now scale downward. This means that level boosting is no longer possible since high-level characters will be scaled to be on par with the weakest member in the party.

A classic Borderlands 3 game mode will also be available

Those who are against these changes will be happy to learn that a classic mode will be available, allowing parties to duel for that legendary sweet drop.

Controversies are already surfacing after Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford made an uninspired statement. He claimed Borderlands 3 would not feature microtransactions, but it is already known that players will have the option to purchase cosmetic items with real-world money.

After the event ended Pitchford confirmed that the game would also receive extensive DLC content, but he underlined that the fact that the popular F2P microtransactions format will be avoided.

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