GTA 6 Will Reportedly Offer Several Locations – Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas

Rockstar may be hard at work on the multiplayer mode for Red Dead Redemption 2, but many gamers are looking forward to another entry in the GTA series. Several leaks about GTA 6 were released in the past, but a recent one is making waves among the GTA community. An anonymous source leaked some details about the game in a post on a popular platform.

The post has been removed but several screenshots were made in advance, and the information has remained available. The post claimed that GTA VI would not be available for the current generation of consoles because the technical requirements of the game are too high. The title will be released for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, and it is likely that PC owners will be able to play it at a later date.

The upcoming consoles offer a major power increase, and it seems that Rockstar plans to focus on them as the studio aims to deliver a flawless experience. While this announcement may have made some prospective players sad, the post also offered information about the possible locations which will be included in the game.

GTA 6 to sport three locations – Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas

It seems that the massive open world will be even bigger as Rockstar plans to include Liberty City and Vice City. Two locations are already quite attractive, and the post mentioned that a few missions could take place in San Andreas.

The source provided some information about the single-player campaign, which appears to be interesting. The player will start in Liberty City where a few jobs have to be completed. At some point, the player will be asked to go to Vice City, where he or she will join a famous gang. It is inferred that the player will become the boss of the gang, paving a glorious road towards the life of a drug lord.

Rockstar hasn’t confirmed that the game is in development, but many rumors claim that GTA 6 will be a launch title for the next console generation, which should become available in a few years.

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