GTA 6 Multiplayer Rumors – What’s Next In The Game?

Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption 2 to critical acclaim, and many gamers are looking forward to the next title from the award-winning studio.

The internet rumor community has been hard at work, and there are many rumors about an unannounced GTA 6 game being in development. GTA 5 is considered a masterpiece by many, and it is clear that Rockstar will work hard on the game as the studio plans to raise the bar once again.

Most of the rumor tend to focus on the single-player portion of the game, but a few leaks about the online mode were spotted recently.

A post shared on a popular platform claimed that the online component of  GTA 6 would be even more impressive than the one featured in GTA 5. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since the Online mode allowed Grand Theft Auto 5 to become the most profitable entertainment product of all time (thanks to the ability to purchase Shark Cards).

The leaker mentions that the multiplayer mode for GTA 6 will be improved considerably, and the first addition will come in the form of new locations. Many sources are looking forward to Liberty City and Vice City, but some believe that more areas will be added as post-release downloadable content (hopefully as generous expansions).  In an ideal context, this would include zones from GTA 5, allowing veteran players to import their properties and vehicles to the new game (although the chances for this to happen are quite small since many new players would be disadvantaged by the feature).

Towards the end of his post, the leaker also mentions that Rockstar is collaborating with Microsoft and Sony on cloud gaming, a feature that could transform the online mode into a thriving, continuous universe. Since cloud gaming is already shaping up to be important in the following years, this rumors seems to be quite valid.

However, many things can change during the development process, and it is important to avoid the hype train.

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