Borderlands 3: Claptrap Will Have A Different Voice in the Upcoming Installment in the Series

Many Borderlands fans have a strong feeling about Claptrap, who is without a doubt the most recognizable character in series. Dedicated fans observed that the character sounds quite different in Borderlands 3 and the reason may be a bit surprising.

David Eddings, the person who voiced the character, will not reprise his role. Eddings was a Vice President of licensing business development at Gearbox and stated that he didn’t receive any material rewards for his previous performances.

He is no longer an employee of Gearbox, and when the studio approached him for Borderlands 3, Eddings requested a specific fee. Gearbox declined to pay the sum and opted to hire a different person. According to posts shared by Eddings on a popular social media, platform Gearbox said that the fee was too high and they can’t afford to pay it.

As expected, a Gearbox spokesperson offered a different version. Gearbox offered what the studio deemed to be a fair rate, but Eddings declined the offer. The spokesperson underlined the fact that employees have the chance to voice characters, but they aren’t forced to do so.

Claptrap will have a different voice in Borderlands 3

Since Eddings was no longer an employee, Gearbox tried to reach an agreement. As this initiative failed, the studio decided to hire Jim Feronda and believes that it made the right choice. Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, tackled the subject and noted that Eddings received a generous salary as a Gearbox employee, adding that the offer was double the sum paid in the industry.

Borderlands 3 is the anticipated sequel to the popular Borderlands 2 (which was a sequel of the original Borderlands game). The game will feature new characters, fresh classes, a revamped co-op experience, and a spectacular story spread across several planets.

Several controversies surfaced after Gearbox announced that the title would be an Epic Store exclusive for six months. The PC gaming community reacted strongly against the announcement, but the decision was to defend by Gearbox and 2K, the publisher of the title.

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