PUBG Banned in China – Tencent Released An Altered Version, Game For Peace

In April, China introduced some new rules for video games, which affected gamers all over the country. Several game developers were forced to create censored versions of their games that fulfill the Chinese government’s requirements. The country’s State Administration of Press and Publication installed a series of bans on corpses, blood, references of imperial history, and gambling.

Yesterday, after China banned the PUBG game, Tencent launched the game’s altered version, Game for Peace, which respects the country’s legal demands in terms of censorship. Changes include the lack of dead bodies and the added nationalist theme that focuses brings China’s air into focus.

Game for Peace was created by a Korean publisher named Krafton. The game presents several similarities to PUBG. Players were also pleased to discover that their progress and achievements made in PUBG were transferred to the new government-friendly game, known as Game For Peace.

PUBG banned in China, but Tencent released its altered version, Game For Peace

The developer chose not to comment on the new game or the newly implemented bans. However, a company representative of Tencent declared that the two versions of the game each belong to very different genres, which was the only declaration made.

PUBG was one of the most downloaded mobile games in China, with over 200 million users. According to an analysis made by the company Sensor Tower, PUBG grossed more than $65 in just one month, in March, even surpassing Fortnite.

Developing the Game For Peace altered version of their most popular game, PUBG, was a very smart move from Tencent. This way, the company has a chance to solve the demonetization issues it encountered in the past. According to some reports, the new game is expected to be a huge hit, possibly gaining as much as $1.5 billion in annual revenue.

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