GTA 6: All The Wanted And Unwanted Features, According To The Fans’ Wishlist

GTA is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world. It was a pioneer of 3D open world games, starting with GTA 3, which was a bold move for that time. Ever since then, Rockstar worked towards bringing never-before-seen features with every version of GTA they released, to further improve the games. Now, the fans are looking forward to GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto has been around for 22 years, so fans formed their own taste for features they like and dislike by now. With rumors that GTA 6 is in the making, here are some of the most popular opinions among GTA fans.

Wanted features in GTA 6

Interactive buildings

Most of the buildings seen in GTA are just for show, which can be disappointing sometimes. GTA 5 even has less interactive buildings than GTA San Andreas, which was released in 2004. Fans are hoping to experience a livelier city in GTA 6.

Cameos Of Old Characters

Players grew to love some of the characters featured in the older versions of GTA. Rockstar has a habit of including old characters in their new games, so players are eagerly awaiting to find out what cameos will be included in GTA 6.


GTA 5 has absolutely no stealth missions, which was a disappointment for many fans who enjoyed the feature in older versions of the game. The stealth function of the last version is poorly-developed, which downgraded the playing experience.

Female protagonists

GTA 5 introduced three protagonists, all male, which is unnecessary. Fans expressed their desire to be able to choose from a male and a female protagonist. Each of them could have a unique path instead of following the same story.

Vice City remake

While other GTA locations like Los Santos and Liberty City have been remade to fit modern standards, Vice City is the only left untouched. It would be exciting to experience new missions in a Vice City remake in GTA 6.

Unwanted features in GTA 6

Map filler regions

GTA 5 used mountains, hills, and deserts to fill in the map. The areas have no reason to be explored, as they are mostly empty.

Bad A.I.

The current GTA A.I. has proven to be outdated many times, causing issues in the middle of missions. A more polished A.I. could improve the game immensely in GTA 6.

Boring Mini-games

GTA 5 included minigames like, yoga, tennis, stock investment and others, which were quite dull. Older GTA titles had minigames that were more entertaining, like the vigilante ambulance, firefighter or vigilante missions and the lowrider challenge, which spiced up the game a bit.

Modern-day setting

The contemporary culture was the main inspiration for GTA 5, which made it feel a little lifeless. The nostalgic feel of older GTA games was much more appreciated. GTA 6 should revive that for the fans.

Shark Cards

Shark Cards are basically microtransactions, which were tools in Rockstarțs monetization strategy for GTA Online. These purchases offer gamers boosts that give them a big advantage over other players. Since GTA Online is already a full-priced game, these shark cards seem a little bit over the top if introduced in GTA 6.

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