Angry Birds Friends 5.9.1 Update is Here, Say Goodbye to Bugs and Software Issues

Angry Birds Friends is a fun mobile game that combines all the best features that the previous Angry Birds games offer such as bird-flinging and pig-popping. What makes Angry Birds Friends stand out from all the Angry Birds games is the fact that this title is condensed into competitive tournaments that feature six levels each. This makes Angry Birds Friends the perfect mobile game to invite your friends and then challenged them to see which one manages to top the leaderboards.

Angry Birds Friends 5.9.1 Update

One of the reasons why all Angry Birds games are so successful that they even got a movie made about them is because they are updated with new features and game mods on a weekly basis. These updates are making the game more fun and exciting for new players while giving veteran players a reason to come back for more. With that said, no one should be shocked to find out that Angry Birds Friends has just received a new update.

System Requirements

The new update for Angry Birds Friends sports the 5.9.1 version number and it weighs in at 58.65MB. According to the patch notes, the update is targeted at smartphones that are running on Android 9.0 Pie but on the bright side of things, the update can also be installed on older smartphones that are running on a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Minor Improvements

The new 5.9.1 update is a lightweight release that aims to improve the overall software stability of the game. The way that the new update does that is by introducing bug fixes which take care of various issues that caused the game to lag or have different types of issues. Luckily, Angry Birds Friends fans can now say goodbye to those bugs and issues.

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