Minecraft: Explore The Game’s History With The Anniversary Map

Ten years ago Minecraft was first launch. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed, and it is truly incredible to see how much the game evolved during this time. The anniversary will be a special one and Mojang and Microsoft have prepared plenty of surprises.

One of the gifts is a new special map which is available for all players. The new map acts as an interactive museum and players have a chance to explore the history of Minecraft. The map is a huge one and you will need some time in order to explore everything.

More than that, there are all sorts of puzzles and Easter eggs, which can represent an extra challenge. There is a building for everything, and you will discover exhibits for all the blocks and creatures. The map can be downloaded for Java here. If you want to get it for Bedrock you can find it in the Minecraft Marketplace. The shop also has some important sales for this anniversary. For instance the base game was reduced by 50 per cent, while the top ten items were reduced by 10 per cent.

Mobile AR Game

Minecraft is also preparing its own AR game which might have the same success of Pokemon GO. A short teaser was already revealed and you can watch it here. In the video we can see a woman using her phone to observe Minecraft characters projected in the real world. The message “Tune In May 17th” shows up at the end of the teaser.

This should be another anniversary present, and we have to admit that it is a special one. We have to wait until May 17 in order to receive more details.

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