Golem Gates available on PS4 before the end of May

Golem Gates, a real-time strategy game launched back in 2018 will finally be available for PlayStation 4 starting with this month.

PS4 users will be able to access the game on May the 28th, a couple of days before its launch on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game’s main character, The Harbinger, is one of the most fabulous characters that has been created lately.

Golem Gates is unique among the real-strategy genre because of its induction of elements of car-based games into the title. Players take a deck of cards, also known as Glyphs, with them while completing an expedition, which concludes what troops they can redistribute in the combat. The cards are also shuffled at the beginning of the game, so choosing cards is a random act. This shames the normal process of developing buildings that generate units, and the progression of creating the ideal standing army. Instead, gamers will have to play their hand.

These cards have their standard features, but also own special ones which can be chosen from the deck. These items can be a vast region of effect attacks or performances that create a massive amount of destruction to just an enemy. They could seem like a resource that has to be administrated rather than unlimited uses that are dispersed all over the place held by a timer. The cards boost the game to a new uniqueness that you don’t usually see in a real-time strategy game.

Gamers can collect the cloak of The Harbinger, who owns a magical power known in the game as ‘The Ash.’ You will battle villains that appear through the Golem Gates, as you have to guard your sci-fi world. Also, numerous single-player modes that narrate the tale are available, but there are co-op modes as well, and combative multiplayer options to evaluate your cards in the deck.

The game will be launched in two weeks from now.

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