Nintendo Switch Online Vouchers: Grab Your Favorite Games At A Low Price

Nintendo Switch fans will be glad to hear that a couple of special vouchers have been prepared for them. The eShop game vouchers were launched by Nintendos and they help Nintendo Switch Online subscribers save quite a lot of money.

You can purchase a pair of vouchers for $99,99, which means that you will end up saving $19.99. Vouchers can be purchased until July 31st and they can be used for digital games. This can be quite a deal if you combine the vouchers with the latest offer of Mass Genie. These two together can help you get a 30% discount by purchasing two $60 games for just $84.

The voucher

First of all you need to head over to Mass Genie where you can get two $50 eShop digital codes. The current promotion will allow you to get them for $41.95. Therefore, for $84 you will have $100 to spend with your eShop wallet. Once you do this, it is time to buy the new game vouchers which cost $99.

This way, you will be able to purchase two full priced games for 84 dollars. And that is not all. Remember that you will also receive gold points by purchasing the games. The two games should bring you 500 gold points which means that the price is reduced by $5.

Once you get the vouchers you do not have to use them at the same time. They are also valid for one year, which means that you do not have to rush your decision. The vouchers cannot be used for all games. However, the list includes major names such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Maker 2 and many others. More than that, Nintendo explained that this list will evolve in time.

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