Toolbox for Minecraft: Pocket Edition 4.6.0 Update Introduces Support for Multiple Builds

Since it has been almost one decade since Minecraft: Pocket Edition was launched, the game is not as popular as it used to be. Even though Minecraft: Pocket Edition is still played by millions of players, the gameplay has gotten boring because most players have finished everything there is to do in the game. On the bright side of things, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t any way to access new features and content for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Despite the fact that Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s developers are not planning to release any new updates, there is an alternative. We are talking about Toolbox for Minecraft. This is a highly popular launcher for Minecraft: Pocket Edition that introduces a bunch of new features, skins, maps and many more other features to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Toolbox for Minecraft: PE 4.6.0 Update

The great thing about Toolbox for Minecraft is the fact that it makes Minecraft: Pocket Edition feel fresh once again. Not just that, but this launcher brings lots of cool features that enhance the overall gaming experience that Android smartphone users can enjoy in the Minecraft universe. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Toolbox for Minecraft today is because the launcher has just received a new update.

The new update for Toolbox for Minecraft sports the 4.6.0 version number and it has been released in the form of APK. This is a special type of update format and it stands for “Android Package Kit”. The trick to installing this type of updates is that all Minecraft: Pocket Edition fans are required to manually download it and to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature on their smartphones first.

The last thing that we want to note about Toolbox for Minecraft’s latest update is that it introduces support for the following versions of the game: “ beta” and “1.11”.

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