Brawl Stars 18.104 Update is Now Rolling Out with a New Part of the World and New Skins

There are millions of fun games available on the Google Play Store and Brawl Stars is one of them. This is a fairly new game and it comes from the famed developer Supercell. For those who aren’t familiar with Supercell, they should know that this developer is in charge of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale which are two of the most popular mobile games ever made. Therefore, we can expect nothing but the best from Brawl Stars.

As previously mentioned, Brawl Stars stands out from the millions of games that are available on the Google Play Store and one of the reasons behind this is that Brawl Stars benefits from a constant stream of software updates. These updates usually introduce bug fixes but sometimes, they also come with new content and new features. Well, this is exactly what Brawl Stars’ latest update which was released yesterday brings.

Brawl Stars 18.104 Update

The latest update for Brawl Stars sports the 18.104 version number and it’s a major release. The reason why we are saying this is because instead of focusing on improving the game’s overall software stability and introducing bug fixes, the update comes with lots of cool new features and content. In fact, let’s go ahead and check out all the new features that the update brings so that all Brawl Stars fans can get a good idea of what’s coming their way after downloading the new update.

New and Exciting Features

Retropolis is Now Live!

  • New Skins
  • New Environment and Maps
  • New part of the Brawl Stars world!

New Epic Brawler: Bibi – coming (very) soon!

  • Batter up! Bibi’s got a sweet swing that can knock back enemies when fully charged!
  • Her Super is a bouncing ball of gum that deals damage

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