League of Legends Mobile Would Roll Out in 2020

Battle Royale seems to be the current king of the multiplayer genre, but veteran titles continue to remain quite popular. One of them is League of Legends, the title which popularized the MOBA across the world. Now, the devs behind the game are working on a League of Legends Mobile version which would launch in 2020.

League of Legends is one popular game across the world

League of Legends is developed by Riot Games, and it is currently available for Windows and macOS users. It was heavily inspired by Defense of the Ancients, an iconic PvP mod developed for Blizzard’s Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

Players will take control of their chosen champion and battle enemies in a 5v5 setup. At first, the champions will be quite weak, but as players hunt down and kill other enemies, they will gain gold which can be used to purchase powerful equipment. They also earn experience point and level up, unlocking powerful abilities, among which we can count an impressive skill which is classified as an ultimate.

Each champion has his kit of abilities, a trait which makes them unique and enjoyable to play. Secondary modes are also available, and players have the option to choose between several maps.

Almost a decade has passed since the game was released, but it is estimated that more than 100 million people continue to enjoy the game each month.

League of Legends Mobile is under development, and it would launch in 2020

According to a new report, Riot Games and Tencent are working on a mobile version of the title. Tencent bought the company in 2018, but it decided to retain the employees. The source claims that the mobile version has been in development for at least one year and it is likely that it may be released in 2020.

Tencent wanted a mobile version of League of Legends for a long time, but sources connected to Riot Games noted that the developer was against such a venture, arguing that the experience would be too diluted in comparison to the desktop equivalent.

Mobile MOBA titles are quite popular in China, but they failed to attract a large number of players in the West. Until the game is officially announced, we can only hope that League of Legends Mobile would match the popularity of the Windows and macOS versions of the game.

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