GTA 6: Latest Rumors So Far

GTA 5 was so successful, selling in nearly 110 million copies, that a sequel is quite likely. Considering that Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected to be released on PC as a natural step and the fact that Rockstar is usually publishing new games every four-five years we can only assume that GTA 6 will be released in 2022-2023. There is also a chance that the company will work and launch instead Bully 2 or Rockstar Table tennis 2.

“We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas. We’ve got about 45 years’ worth of ideas we want to do. We’ll pick the right ones. It comes from the idea first. Where it is going to be set is the first question. That then defines the missions; you’re doing different things in LA than in New York or Miami. The map and story get worked up together, and the story is a basic flow of how it works out so you can layer the mission in,” said in 2013 Leslie Benzies, the former president of Rockstar North, a subsidiary of Rockstar Games and the lead developer of Grand Theft Auto series.

Based on an old company statement, there is also a speculation that Rockstar might actually put all of their cities into one mega-game.

Although there were some suggestions for London as a potential GTA location, for the time being, the general feel is that GTA currents DNA is American-ish, English-speaking-ish.

Many rumors sprouted around GTA 6 from a release date around 2021-22 to a 60s London setting and time travel or multiple cities connected in which the player stars as a small crook and ends up as a successful criminal operation leader.

Regardless of location, the hopes are for a GTA 6 with an expanded version of GTA online and a launch on PC alongside consoles.

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