Best GTA V Mods To Play Until GTA 6 Rolls Out

GTA V has remained one of the most popular games in the world, and those who own the PC version of the game enjoy an excellent feature. This feature comes in the form of the ability to mod the game according to your desires, adding lots of content to the single-player mode of the game.

Below you can find a list of the best GTA V mods that would keep you busy until the launch of GTA 6. Give them a try and enjoy a revamped gameplay experience.

Best GTA V Mods To Play Until GTA 6 Rolls Out

NaturalVision Remastered

NaturalVision Remastered is one of the most iconic mods for the game. The visual overhaul mode makes everything more life-life, from the weather and lighting system to weapons and many of the textures. While most graphical mods rely on ReShade to change the visuals, NaturalVision Remastered works independently, and the performance will remain similar to that of the vanilla version.

After Hours SP

If you wish to enjoy the features of the clubs featured in the After Hours DLC without playing the multiplayer mode, this mode has you covered. Upon installation, you will gain access to a complete nightclub. Enjoy the dancing minigame, sip expensive drinks, and customize the club according to your wishes.

Complex Control

If you enjoy major conversions, you will love this mod. Complex Control will give to option to play as Avatars, elite soldiers who have a powerful Teleportation ability and a kit of three unique skills. Players who can face the battle royale challenge have the option to retain and upgrade their characters.

Grand Theft Space

As the name may infer, this mod will allow players to explore the space and two of the other planets found within the borders of our solar system: Mars and Venus. It is still in development, and new features are added through updates.

These are just the best of the best GTA V mods available, and there is a vast selection from which you can choose what you want. They are available for free and can be downloaded/installed easily, so feel free to go wild!

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