PUBG Mobile Version 0.13.0 Comes with Godzilla Event, Guns, Skins, and More

Gaming giant Tencent came out with an impressive update some time ago for PUBG Mobile, version 0.12.5 that have brought Season 7. Now, Tencent is rolling out a beta version of the new update, version 0.13.0 which is bringing exciting events, guns, skins, and many more. We are going to talk about the unique features of the upgrade, but take note that what you see in beta version, will not be available in the final release, or maybe some of them.

PUBG Mobile Version 0.13.0 Update Features

  • Godzilla Event – the name of the event is given after Tencent have partnered with the upcoming movie Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. Because of that, the company has added this special event in which users will have a new loading screen, unique avatars, and a team mode. The team mode is called Team Death Match, where two squads will be fighting each other with unlimited numbers of respawns. The match will have around ten minutes, and the higher scores win.
  • Bison Gun – the new gun will come with the update, is named Bizon, and it’s a Russian SubMachine Gun, with a high capacity and 9mm Ammo.
  • Vikendi Secret Cave – Vikendi is the name of the new map in PUBG Mobile that had bugs and glitches. But with this new update, everything is fixed, and users will find a new place named Podvosto. There, Level 3 Loots will be seen, for example, Level 3 Helmet, Bag, AWM, or the AUG A3.
  • Lab Skin for Kar98 Sniper – every PUBG lover knows about the Kar98 gun with 7.62 mm Ammo. In the Lab, you can create your skin for the Kar98 gun. Also, this will not be the only gun you can customize. You will have M416, M16A4, and UZI.

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