Garena Free Fire – Tips To Stay Alive And Master The Battle Royale Game

Garena Free Fire was originally known as Free Fire – Battlegrounds. It is one of the best battle royale games out there for mobile devices. It comes with a solo or a squad mode, and there is only one goal: to survive.

You will fight about 50 players from all around the globe. To start the match, you need to tap on the solo or on the squad option. The battle will begin after some seconds. You’ll then have to land on the ground. To open the parachute, you need to tap on eject. You have no weapons or any kind of items at the beginning. You need to find them.

Tips for staying alive in Garena Free Fire

Don’t land where it is crowded

As said above, you need to collect the items from buildings. Everyone will land where there are many buildings. You need to choose an area that’s not so crowded – perhaps a place with one or two buildings. This way, you will avoid enemies, too.

Don’t shoot everywhere

Keep in mind that this is not a shooting game, so you don’t need to shoot around everything. We are talking about a survival game, in which you kind of need to avoid enemies. After you collect all the items that you need, wait for the safe zone. Once it appears, move there, but make sure no one sees you.

For a better experience, use headphones

By using headphones, you’ll hear better the firing and the enemies driving their vehicles. This way, you’ll know which way to go without getting caught. If you don’t play with headphones, you won’t hear all the alerts. If someone is shooting at you, you won’t take action in time, and you will probably not survive the game.

In short, Garena Free Fire is an excellent battle royale game for mobile devices. By following the before-mentioned tips, you can remain alive in Garena Free Fire and master the game.

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