Minecraft Earth Demoed At Apple WWDC: The AR on iOS Is Spectacular

Apple had a lot to show today during the livestream, but we literally lost it when they started demoing the highly anticipated AR game: Minecraft Earth.

While it’s due to roll out this summer in the form of its first beta, we cannot be more than excited to check it out, no matter how many bugs and crashes we’ll probably experience until the finished version is complete and stable.

What did we see during the WWDC19?

Motion Capture on iOS

After the new AR integration and capabilities, a Motion Capture feature was presented on stage, showing us that we can make a character or a dummy follow our movements. But the big news was about to be revealed when Mojang’s Chief Brand Officer Lydia Winters and Saxs Persson, the creative director of Minecraft, got up on the stage, presenting Minecraft Earth and showing us a demo of the game.

Minecraft Earth Demoed at WWDC19

Their demo began with the two aiming their iOS devices at a table and showing the first live gameplay of the AR game Minecraft Earth. They also said while playing the game and feeding some adorable chickens, that the game is coming this summer to iOS, so we hope that the beta won’t take too long to conclude and we get to play Minecraft Earth outside and build huge castles.

The great thing about Minecraft Earth on iOS is that your friend can place their avatar and then use the AR abilities to animate the avatar’s movements as they wave their hands or do other movements. You will you see their avatar doing the same movements – this feature was included in the Mojang’s staff demo at WWDC19.

Another interesting feature on iOS is that you can step inside the structures you create! Thanks to the new people inclusion feature on iOS, we will be able to see people walk into our Minecraft castles! We don’t know about you, but the hype is real!

Also… is this how we’ll look on the street while we play Minecraft Earth? Who cares when you’re chased by creeps?

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