Destiny 2 Leak Hints To A New Expansion Pack

Destiny 2 players who own the current annual pass received a new expansion pack yesterday. Called Penumbra, the new content would be accompanied by the Season of Opulence. That seems like great news, but the future of the title has remained elusive as Bungie didn’t offer new information in recent months.

The situation has changed after data miners began to explore the content of the latest patch, Destiny 2 Update. Eagle-eyed miners found a few signs which suggest that new content will be announced for the game during the upcoming event which should take place before the E3 2019 conference.

According to a post shared on a popular platform, the new content will be called Shadowkeep, and it is likely that it will be launched in the fall. The new expansion will take players on a journey to the moon, a location which was featured in the previous title but failed to make an appearance in Destiny 2 until now. It is expected that the players will encounter new types of Hive.

Destiny 2 Leak Hints To A New Expansion Pack

An image was recovered from the files added by the update and the content it’s quite suggesting. The image showcases the surface of a moon and what seems to be a fortress with red walls. The Earth is visible in the distance.

A text is also present in the image with the name Shadowkeep being written with the same nuance of red that is featured on the wall. The text mentions that players will get the chance to explore a forgotten moon and nightmarish battle creatures in a hostile location.

Bunge has announced that the next major content update for Destiny 2 will be released this week and it seems that Shadowkeep will be the core of that announcement. The Hive was a significant enemy on the moon in Destiny 1 and returning to the moon may solve the situation of the Dreaming City, which is currently locked in an unbreakable time loop. It remains to be seen if Bungie will launch another annual pass as some sources anticipate the release of Destiny 3 in the future.

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