Apex Legends Season 2 To Bring Wattson, A New Character In The Popular Battle Royale Game

EA has announced earlier, at its pre-E3 2019’s EA Play panel, a lot of brand new details. The latest information included descriptions of the upcoming season of Apex Legends. With less than a month until the release of the Apex Legends Season 2, EA has officially shown Wattson, the title’s second post-launch character.

As said on the character’s official page, Wattson is a Static Defender who utilizes electrical gizmos to impede enemies and support her teammates simultaneously. The character’s strategic ability, Perimeter Security, enables her to make up an electrical fence by positioning and linking ‘nodes.’ Wattson has an overall of twelve nodes accessible so that she can keep a lot of pressure on her enemies.

If an opponent crosses the electrical fence, their location will be disclosed, and they will be stunned and suffer damage as well. As said by EA, players will have to create an ecosystem to survive the present meta of the game. What is highly demanded is tactical planning and map knowledge.

EA revealed details about Wattson, the upcoming character in Apex Legends

The character’s passive ability, Spark Genius, enables her to recharge her supreme ability by utilizing one ultimate catalyst completely. The character’s ultimate ability is Interception Pylon. When positioned, these electrified pylons annihilate weaponry and repair teammates’ shields within its reach. Moreover, standing close to the interception pylons will increase the recharge rate of Wattson’s strategical ability. The character can place at most three pylons.

Besides her impressive and surely game-changing abilities, Wattson has quite a clean backstory. EA did a great job at narrating the character’s story via the trailer the company released. Apex Legends’ second post-launch character will roll out together with the L-Star weapon with the title’s next season. The second season of the battle royale game will come with brand new content and has several changes to Kings’ Canyon.

Besides, the second recurrence of the battle pass will sport even more cosmetics in the shape of character and weapon skins. Wattson will be available in the gameplay when season two will be released on July the 2nd. Apex Legends is now accessible on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin.

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