Candy Crush Friends Saga 1.14.15 Update is Now Available for Download with New Levels and Bug Fixes

It’s been more than seven years since the Candy Crush Saga was launched on Android and iOS. This is the first mobile game to earn the title of being a “global phenomenon” since the entire world was playing it at one point in time. Despite being such an old game, the Candy Crush Saga has managed to stand the test of time and now, the latest Candy Crush Friends Saga is one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store.

King is the developer in charge of Candy Crush Friends Saga and if there is one thing that all Candy Crush fans know about King, then it has to be the fact that King is always working on new updates for its mobile games. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that Candy Crush Friends Saga has just started receiving a new update.

Candy Crush Friends Saga 1.14.15 Update

The latest update for Candy Crush Friends Saga has been released today (June 10th) and it sports the 1.14.15 version number. The update comes with lots of high priority software tweaks and bug fixes that improve the overall performances and software stability of the mobile game. However, this is not the best thing about Candy Crush Friends Saga’s latest update.

What makes the new update stand out is the fact that it also introduces a bunch of levels and puzzles that players can complete. From what we can tell, the secret behind King’s success is the fact that it keeps updating its games nearly every day with fresh content that keeps the gameplay exciting.


Our conclusion for the new update that King has just released for Candy Crush Friends Saga is that everyone who enjoys playing the mobile game should make sure to download it as soon as possible, especially since it brings new levels.

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