PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update is Now Available for Download with New Game Mode and Lots of Other Features

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games available for smartphones and there is a good reason behind that. First off, PUBG Mobile offers a super-fun gameplay experience in the famous Battle Royale mode and secondly, the developers who are in charge of PUBG Mobile are constantly releasing new software updates. With that said, we have some great news to share with PUBG Mobile fans today because a brand-new update has just arrived.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update

If you enjoy playing PUBG Mobile on your smartphone, then you should be pleased to find out that a brand-new update which sports the 0.13.0 version number is now available for download. The new update is being rolled out by the developers of PUBG Mobile via the official OTA (over the air) channels and everyone who uses an Android-powered smartphone should receive the update in their notifications panel during the upcoming hours.

System Requirements

Despite introducing lots of new features, the latest update for PUBG Mobile weighs in at only 43.54MB. to top it all off, the only system requirement in order to install the new update is to have a smartphone that is running on a minimum of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system.

New Features

The most important feature that the new update introduces is a new mode called Team Deathmatch. People who enjoy playing in teams are going to have a blast in this mode. Nonetheless, let’s check out all the other features that the new update brings:

  • Added Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround.
  • Enhanced cheating detection
  • Added MVP showcase
  • Players will now leave trails on the snow
  • Added a Godzilla theme
  • Added new popularity gift, ranking rewards and titles

Other improvements:
– Arcade mode availability (UTC): Mon/Wed: Sniper Training & War; Tues/Thurs: Mini-Zone & Quick Match; Fri-Sun: All modes
– Protective items are now 25% more durable. Their effectiveness remains unchanged

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