PlayStation 5 Has The Potential To Beat Xbox Scarlett Consoles and Google Stadia

The reveal date for PlayStation 5 is approaching, which causes a lot of excitement among fans. Meanwhile, Sony is gambling with the chances of the console’s success. Right now, the most powerful competitors on the market for Sony are Microsoft and Google. However, PlayStation 5 has the potential to beat Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett.

Xbox Scarlett next-gen consoles would be more performant than PlayStation 5

Both Microsoft and Google already announced their plans for their upcoming console and cloud gaming platform, respectively. These announcements could be used smartly by Sony, as it gives the company an advantage in deciding the pricing system for PlayStation 5.

Microsoft revealed its Xbox Scarlett project at E3 2019. Subsequently, the company announced that the next-gen console would be available in two variants, namely, Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart, which would have different prices. Some reports say that Xbox Anaconda will feature extraordinary hardware that will place the product among the top products of the market.

PlayStation 5 must tackle cloud gaming services of Xbox and Google Stadia, as well

Xbox Lockhart is Microsoft’s take at cloud gaming. Its hardware is identical to the Xbox One, and it will use Microsoft xCloud Project to stream games to users. On the other hand, Google announced Google Stadia, a game streaming service. The price range of this service is still unknown, but it is speculated to be similar to that of Xbox Lockhart.

Sony did not drop any hints that could suggest the company is planning on developing a cloud gaming service, but the possibility should not be dismissed. Even if Sony does not intend to get into the game streaming business, the upcoming console, PlayStation 5, sounds promising. It will reportedly offer the same level of performance as the Xbox Anaconda. Some rumors say that VR capabilities will be added to the console.

Even more, the PlayStation CEO revealed in an interview that PlayStation 5 would also be able to support older games. Those being said, if Sony prices the PS5 smartly, the console has the potential to beat its competitors.

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