Guide on How to Install ShowBox ​on Smartphones

Among the most popular and loved media streaming and downloading apps, there is ShowBox. ShowBox is a third-party app and cannot be found on the Google Play Store, but you have to download the APK file.

If you want to install ShowBox ​on your Android device, you have to make some changes to the smartphone’s settings.

Setting changes

  1. First, go to Settings on your phone and scroll down to the ‘Apps’ option
  2. Open ‘Apps,’ and go to ‘Chrome’ section
  3. Tap on Chrome, then scroll down to ‘Install Unknown Apps’

4, Select it and tap on the slider on the right next to the ‘Allow from this source’ so you can download apps from your Chrome browser.

If you own an older variant of Android, you may have to open ‘Settings,’ find ‘Security,’ select ‘Device management,’ and then tap on ‘Install apps from unknown sources​.’

Download and install ShowBox for Android APK

You now have to find a trustworthy website to download the original ShowBox for Android APK file. Having an anti-virus on your device with which to scan the APK file would be great.

  1. Search via Chrome for ShowBox for Android APK files, and when you find one you think is safe, download it
  2. Even though you have made Chrome accept files from unknown sources, the browser will still send you a notification, asking you if you want to download the Showbox APK. Select ‘Download,’ and then Chrome will ask if you want to open it
  3. The ShowBox app will then ask you if you want to install it on your device, and it comes with a list of permissions you will have to tick if you agree.
  4. Tap on the ‘Install’ option on the bottom of the install page to start the process of installation
  5. Once the process completes, ShowBox will automatically launch.

You can now start using ShowBox app to stream movies, TV shows, and more.

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