PUBG Mobile Guide: Improve Your Shooting Skills With These Tips and Tricks

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is the most popular battle royale game in the world, with over 100 million people playing it, making Tencent Games over US$ 146 million in revenue.

As with any battle royale title, one of the most important thing in the game is to survive, and PUBG is a shooting game after all. That means you have to know how to effectively defend yourself, and by that, we mean shooting them down before they have a chance of doing it. Here’s a short guide on how to improve your shooting skills.

Go for the Head

Always aim for the head – and the best results will be achieved with a single-shot gun (Kar98K, M24, or the AWM). Headshots will also save you a lot of bullets and increase your in-game rating.

Pick Up Ammo

No matter what gun you have, always pick up ammo – even 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm bullets – You will get the gun later and be thankful you followed this advice. Don’t forget to set the limit on auto-picked ammo for certain weapons to make sure your inventory bag is not filled.

The Recoil Is Real

Just like in real life, the recoil in PUBG is different for each gun – learn it and use it to your advantage. Control the recoil by using different attachments.

All five categories of attachments are important to improve the performance of certain guns – you can extend your clip count or reload faster, for example.

Hip Fire and Iron Sight

While I am always a fan of laying low and sniping enemies, you should also be ready for close combat situations, and Hip Firing is essential to keep you alive. You can choose iron sight in the early game and hit far even without a scope.

Finally, the best advice we have is to keep on practicing and learning more from others by observing their playstyle.

Stay updated to the latest PUBG news and updates, and check out more PUBG mobile tips and tricks here.

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