Candy Crush Soda Fish Not Working [Quick Fix]

candy crush soda fish not working

Can’t make fish or use the fish boosters in Candy Crush Soda? Here’s what to do.

Candy Crush Soda offers a lot of thrilling fun to gamers. And one of the key tips of the game is the use of fish boosters to multiply your “fishes”.

However, quite a number of gamers have complained of not being able to make “fish” on the game. And in worst cases, accumulated fish boosters could not be used to boost the game.

If you’re experiencing this, we’ve come up with some workarounds for you.

Fix: Candy Crush Soda Fish Not Working

In this section, we’ll be shedding light on what the issue of “fish not working” on Candy Crush Soda entails. And we’ll be showing you how to get around it.

Solution 1: How to Make Fish

As an avid Candy Crusher, you probably know this already. However, for the beginners, here’s how to make fish in Candy Crush Soda:

To make a fish, all you have to is to “match 4 pieces of uniform-colored candies together” to form a cube or square. Fishes are great for clearing honey, licorice or any other barrier object. Also, they are useful for popping soda and eating chunks of ice, when combined with two or more pieces of candies (of the same color).

Unfortunately, however, many players have complained of not being able to make fish, talkless of using them. This is no cause for alarm, as the error has been acknowledged by the developers – Kings – and a fix has been put forth (or in progress).

So, you can try updating/reinstalling the newest update of the game, and see if you’re now able to make and use “fishes”

Solution 2: How to Use Fish Boosters

Myriads of gamers have complained of not being able to use fish boosters, even when they have it in hundreds. What many don’t realise is that, the fish boosters are somewhat indirect boosters.

Typically, with the fish boosters, you get the “double magic” effect, whereby making or breaking a fish gives you two fishes (instead of one), which can then be used to break two spots. This is simply what the fish booster does.

However, in the event that your fish boosters do nothing (do not multiply your fishes), you may have to contact Kings Support team and lodge your complaints with them.

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