New Nintendo Switch Models Now In Production, Says Nintendo Insider

E3 2019 is over, and Nintendo hasn’t said anything about their future consoles. However, an inside source from Nintendo’s supply chain revealed to the Wall Street Journal that two new models of Nintendo Switch have already entered production.

While we were all waiting for Nintendo to announce their new consoles this year at E3, they didn’t say anything. The rumors all pointed to two switch consoles: one with better specs, and a cheaper one.

Thanks to WST report, we found out more details about the two Switch consoles that should also be released this year – probably before the holidays.

According to Tech News Watch, the current China-US trade war and increased tariffs should make it tough for Nintendo to make profits from selling consoles, but it seems that Nintendo moved the production to Southeast Asia to avoid the 25% import tax on electronics that were made in China.

Let’s see how the new Nintendo Switch models will look.

New Nintendo Switch Models: Specs, Design, Release Date

The new models are said to be different in terms of design and specs.

– One will look like the original version, but will have better hardware – will be an improvement over the original one (but cannot compete with the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X).

– The other Switch model will look different than the original and the improved new model but will feature lower specs – to be more accessible in terms of price. This model might come without the Joy-Con rumble feature and might only be a hand-held device – the last two details are only rumors, so we should take them with a pinch of salt.

The WSJ report theorizes that, if the two new Switch models are in production, we should see them released soon. We’ve seen Nintendo hold their last Direct at E3 last week, presenting new games, but remaining silent about their new Switch models.

The company should reveal them soon, probably in the next Nintendo Direct, so check back on our Nintendo page for more updates.

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