Pokemon Sword and Shield Is The “Most Disliked” Game Presented During E3 2019

Pokemon Sword and Shield, the new upcoming game from Nintendo, was the focus of Nintendo Direct at E3 2019. But, although we were all waiting for the new exciting game, the details presented at E3 lowered the fans’ enthusiasm, and the game ended as being the most disliked one presented at the conference, and the YouTube videos on Pokemon Sword and Shield confirmed that with the high number of dislikes that they gathered.

To be more precise, a piece presented at E3, the one showing a gameplay demo for Pokemon Sword and Shield, has 59,000 dislikes on YouTube. With 1.15 million views, the math shows us it has 0.05 dislikes per view, and these figures are an alert, even though it is normal for a new game to have some dislikes.

Although there were revealed some few details disturbing for the fans of the game during the Nintendo Treehouse live, the most concerning was the one saying that players will not have the choice to transfer Pokemon from outside of the Galar region into Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Is The “Most Disliked” Game Presented During E3 2019

The players focused on maintaining a full Pokedex, and they were able to transfer a National Pokedex into new Pokemon games, having a clear path to all of the Pokemon, no matter what region. So you can imagine the disappointment as this thing will not happen in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The number of dislikes for this upcoming game is alarming for Nintendo. Some other E3 2019 games received some dislikes on YouTube, like the trailer for the new Battletoads that collected 13,000 dislikes, or the E3 reveal video for Commander Keen that gathered 8,200 dislikes. These games are not very popular game franchises, though, and still didn’t reach the number of dislikes of the Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Fans are not happy, and the explanation for removing the National Pokedex from Pokemon Sword and Shield was not enough, as if they stated that higher quality animations require some technical limitations. With Pokemon Sword and Shield release date set for November 15th, 2019, there is still a chance for the game to become a loved one, particularly if Nintendo would come up with solutions to fix the disliked feature of the game.

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