Dying Light 2 Must Be Played Four or Five For Players To Unlock Everything In The Game

Techland has unveiled bits of the Dying Light 2 gameplay at E3 conference this year. The game is highly anticipated, but there are still no specific details regarding its launch date. However, that isn’t stopping fans from getting more excited for the new Dying Light 2 game. Even more, gamers will apparently have to play the game multiple times so they can unlock everything the title has in store.

Dying Light 2 Must Be Played Four or Five For Players To Unlock Everything In The Game

Developers of the game noted at a recent demo, which took place at E3 2019, how players will undoubtedly have to go through the gameplay multiple times to see everything Dying Light 2 has to give. As they said, the first playthrough will unlock approximately half of the game, and players will need to play at least four or five times to get it all unlocked.

Techland’s new game is at the moment without a release date, but it can be expected sometime in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

What To Expect From Dying Light 2

  • You will have to make difficult decisions and make sacrifices as you decide the future of a society on the edge of destruction. The impact of the choices you make will have a significant effect on entire areas of the city, unveiling new land masses and regions to explore.
  • As you gradually leave the humble beginnings to acquire high power, you will have remarkable freedom of movement all over the city, perfectly combined with cruel person combat.
  • The gameplay depicts a city ready to collapse, where resources and power are uncommon, volatile, and trust in leaders is almost nonexistent. Humankind is now living in a dark age, civilization is eroded, but the remains are still existent. The world is violent, primal, and relentless, just like its inhabitants.
  • Play the Dying Light 2 campaign in two to four player co-op. Host games or join other players to see how their decisions are affecting the game and how different are from yours as the game will take another shape than as your own.

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