GTA 6: Here Are The Most Exciting Features Rumored To Come To The Game

GTA 6 is among the most expected games to come, with numerous rumors circulating all over the web with regards to the new title. Speculations are on a top level regarding the game’s release date, platforms on which will be available or features. Here are a few features the title will come with, as according to rumors. Some speculations are found in the previous game of the series, but some brand new features, assumed, of course.

GTA 6: The Most Exciting Features Rumored To Come To The Game

Stranger Dialogue Prompt

The game studio behind GTA has added a fascinating feature last year in their favorite title, Red Dead Redemption 2, which makes the character approach and talk to strangers. It is speculated that the feature will also be incorporated into the GTA 6.

Switch mode: First person -Third Person

The expected GTA 6 will have the same feature that made its predecessor, GTA 5, exciting to play because the shooting was made easier. The same feature will allegedly be included in the GTS 6 but with enhancements in sensitivity and aim assistance.

GTA 5’s Destructible Environments

GTA 5 came with some elements which could cause damage to the environment, such as breaking boundaries of a wall, and gates of a house.

A Better Driving Experience

The new game will come with improved driving experience, even though GTA 5 has an amazing one, which seemed incredibly realistic.

Cheat Deactivation

Although cheats codes have been used on all the other GTA games, now it is speculated that they will not work anymore starting with GTA 6. This could change the shape of the overall gameplay.

Bigger Map

It is thought that GTA 6 will feature the most significant map among all the GTA sequels. The game’s map will allegedly be massive speaking of the area fo the gameplay and more side activities will be added.

Female Protagonist

It is reported that for the first time, a female character will be available among the leads of GTA 6. Adding a female lead to the gameplay will be great for the narrative, and many seem incredibly excited about it.

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