Clash of Clans 11.651.7 Is Now Available To Download With New Features, Content, And Improvements

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular and played games on mobile platforms. Players have the opportunity to defend farms, build castles, fight in wars employing different strategies. Now, Clash of Clans 11.651.7 rolled out with features, content, and improvements.

In Clash of Clans, the player is chief of his own village set in a fantasy-themed world. The way to gain resources is done by attacking other players in Vikings’ style. Players have the opportunity to unite by joining in Clan wars by donating troops to raid and pillage somebody else.

Other than making real people sad by attacking their farms and castles, the players have another choice. That takes the form of attacking a boatload of fortified goblin villages and steal their stuff. This game only pits the player against the AI and is only for the pseudo-peace lovers out there. Cause nobody cares about a bunch of goblins.

Clash of Clans 11.651.7 Update Brings New Features, Content, And Lots Of Improvements

Good news is coming to Clash of Clans players with the new update, as quite a few new features are being introduced that will enhance gameplay overall. With the Clash of Clans 11.651.7 update, developers have made public that the improved version will come out through the official OTA.
That means the users will be notified very soon to update the game on their devices over the air.

The Clash of Clans summer update has the purpose of making the game seem brand new. That will refresh the gaming experience for the seasoned players and positively amaze the new ones with a myriad of features.

Some of the main features include:

  • Builder Hall 9
  • Lava Launcher
  • Hog Glider
  • More Builders
  • New Home Village Content

Clash of Clans 11.651.7 will also bring an improved Legend League that will enhance defensive and offensive capabilities. Furthermore, a practice mode will be unlocked in Clash of Clans 11.651.7, in which players can hone their skills in attack strategies. This mode is excellent for not spending resources in standard mode to experiment and optimize new strategy.

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