PUBG PC Lite Global Launch Would Take Place In July

Hey, if you’re a gamer with lower specs on your computer and want to play PUBG, there is a solution ahead. A considerable number of gamers that wish to have the experience of playing the game has requested the PC PUBG Lite version.

Because of high system requirements, a lot of fans of the game have not been able to run it.
Here comes PUBG Lite to the rescue.

Another issue that fans faced was the limited release of the regular version of the game as it is only available in certain parts of the globe. Having to use a VPN to mask their IP address to play it was an excellent method, but is not the most reliable one. That, in turn, leads to slower performance within the game, on top of possible issues from the high system requirements.

PUBG Lite Global Launch Could Happen In July

PUBG Lite will benefit from a global launch after successful beta testing. The fanbase of the game is always increasing, with many gamers from India requesting to play it. Lucky for them, PUBG Lite is at the halfway mark on the global release.

Future players can register at present so they can be just in time for the worldwide launch. They will not have to wait long, as the game is a couple of weeks away from the global launch, as PUBG Lite would roll out in July, according to rumors. In fact, the devs expanded the Beta testing to a lot of more countries. Accordingly, a July PUBG Lite global launch is possible.

Things to look out for with the launch of PUBG Lite:

  • Goodbye, Android emulators – One thing is quite specific with the launch of PUBG Lite. Emulator users will be shortened. This is because the Emulator tends to crash and bug out pretty often, as it is not well optimized.
  • Improved Matchmaking – A big concern with the regular version of the game is matching mobile players with emulator players, having mobile players come at a disadvantage. PUBG Lite will have PC players only matching with other PC players. So no more mismatches.

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