Plants vs. Zombies Tips and Tricks

plants vs zombies tips and tricks

Today, we’ll be showing you Plants vs. Zombies tips and tricks. So, if you’re a beginner, this is for you.

Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ for short) is one of the most popular games around, with millions of players across the globe, and thousands more signing up everyday. However, not to downplay the exciting experience offered by the game, its gameplay could be a bit tricky for beginners.

Therefore, to guide your progress, towards becoming a pro, here are some vital tips and tricks for you.

Plants vs. Zombies Tips and Tricks

Below are some essential tips and tricks on what plants/zombies to deploy, and how/when to deploy them:

  • Use Peashooters in defense

As a newbie, the Peashooters should dominate your defense line. Use them to defend vital plants like the Sunflowers.

  • Use the Cherry Bomb

The “Cherries” can be deployed to take out zombies en masse. However, it is best deployed in the early stages.

  • Keep Sunflowers in the garden

This is especially important in the “Gardens & Graveyard” mode. Sunflowers are healers, and they are best deployed in the garden to heal teammates. So, try not to fall into the temptation of going “rooting” or “sunbeaming”.

  • Deploy the “Chompers” to defend your garden

Chompers are known to gobble up zombies from beneath (in stealth mode). So, deploy them within the garden, to repel zombies invasion.

  • Study & master the map

This is highly important; in fact, your progress often depends on how quick you’re able to master the map. Ensure you know the various strategic locations (like “choke points”), as well as where the zombie “teleporters” are located. This makes it easy to neutralize them.

  • Aim for the rooftops

If you’re playing as a zombie, ensure that your foot soldiers keep their eyes locked towards the sky while attacking a garden. This way, they are able to take out the stationed “Peashooters” with ease.

  • Be economic

Do not spend your coins needlessly. Also, while you can easily pay some token (in real life) to acquire coins, you can easily earn the coins by playing the game normally.

  • Go for the easy challenges

Tough challenges could take a whole lot of your time and coins. So, skip them and go for the easier ones.

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