PUBG Lite Would Offer An Excellent Experience On Low- And Mid-Range Computers

PUBG may not be the most popular Battle Royale in the world, but it is the title which brought the genre into the limelight. Countless studies have tried to reproduce the intense experience offered by PUBG, and most of them have failed. The title, which was released on PC and then ported to the Xbox One and mobile devices, continues to enjoy millions of players each game. PUBG Lite is, well, the light version of the famous Battle Royale title.

The PC version of the game is deemed to be the best incarnation, offering the perfect mix of thrilling battles and excellent gameplay experience. However, nothing is accurate, and there are a few downsides.

To play the PC versions, gamers will need a beefy PC, which is up to the demanding system requirements of the game. They also need a powerful internet connection since no one lacks to get shot because their game lagged while they were trying to hit an enemy.

PUBG Lite Would Be a Hit

Those with a low-end PC tried to enjoy the game by running emulators which allowed them to play the mobile version of the game on their PC. The experience was far from perfect, but it was fun, and their loyalty to the game encouraged Tencent to announce a Lite version of the game.

PUBG Lite is a version of the game which is developed with low-end PCs in mind. Here are some of the features:

  • Better graphics – The title will offer better graphics in comparison to the emulated version.
  • Superior gameplay mechanics – Since the game is based on the PC version of PUBG, it will offer a superior control scheme while also retaining the core features that made it a hit.
  • Optimized – The game will be optimized to run even on modest hardware such as integrated graphics cards.
  • Free – PUBG Lite will be available for free, but users will likely have the option to purchase cosmetics and battle passes. More information will be released in the future.

PUBG Lite – Release Date

PUBG Lite would launch in July, according to some rumors. However, there is no official information from PUBG Corp or Tencent regarding the global release of PUBG Lite.

At the moment, PUBG Lite is available in several countries around the world, a fact that hints to a soon global launch of PUBG Lite.

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