PUBG Update To Bring New Features And Improvements To The Game

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is receiving a new update, and this time a few features will be added to the battle royale experience. The update number is 30, and the favorite online title has some changes that are similar to the Apex Legends. Now PUBG is stronger than ever, it has new mods and maps, and its popularity is high.

Remember when jumping through windows was added into the game, what an exciting feature? Now players can mount the ledges of buildings and even pull themselves from the ground. All you have to do is to press the space bar, and your character can grab any ledge from 2.5 meters high or less. It will not always work so that you will need a creative way up or some stairs.

Besides this, Bluehole is saying that they will continue to update the mechanic and they want to plan more spots that work for everyone, and some new patches will be added in the future.

PUBG Update To Bring New Features And Improvements To The Game

Other significant changes will be in the Radio Message System. This is similar to the Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends that came with the Ping System.

Also, take note that you can use the middle mouse button for pining anything you want and anything you are pointing at. This will help you when you see an enemy or loot, and your teammate s will know more accessible from now. This method is suitable for the ones that are shy and don’t want to talk to strangers. In that way, you can coordinate the team in random PUBG matches.

Finally, PUBG will continue to be one of the best game titles for the battle royale mode, because it’s realistic and tense for Fornite. So if you are looking for a good shooter, with tension, suspense, a variety of maps, then PUBG is for you!

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