Splinter Cell Reboot To Be Available Soon?

Six years have passed since Ubisoft released Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the last entry in the critically acclaimed Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell video game series. Since then it seemed that the series was put on ice as the publisher didn’t release any announcements.

The silence has disappointed many gamers who hoped that Ubisoft would keep Splinter Cell as one of its core franchises. Even video games news outlets have started to share editorials which ask the company to release a new game or at least some remakes of the older games for the current and future generation of consoles.

A glimmer of hope has surfaced after Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO has stated that a new  Splinter Cell title could be released at some point in the future. Some critics say that Ubisoft is too focused on the success of Rainbow Six: Siege and The Divison 2 to work on other Tom Clancy titles. During a recent interview, Guillemot added that a game needs to have something new in comparison to previous titles and people are currently looking at Splinter Cells as a new vision may appear.

Possible reboot

The publisher announced a few titles at E3 2019, but Splinter Cell wasn’t one of them. This has prompted some sources to say that a new Splinter Cell title may be in development and it could be announced during E3 2020.  Others claim that Ubisoft may join the reboot trend with a refreshed experience that could make the franchise more attractive for younger audiences.

More choices

Some gamers may prefer a title which offers a wider selection of choices when it comes to combat. While Splinter Cell is a stealth game by nature, it is likely that the option to engage the enemies more aggressively would bring some new players and boost the sales of the title.

Until Ubisoft shares, an official announcement with can only hope that the franchise will get some love in the following years.

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