GTA 6 Release Date Delay Is Angering The Fans Of The Franchise, But Rumors Are Still Emerging

There is no word from Rockstar Games about any possible development or release concerning GTA 6. The fans are having none of it though, as rumors are flying around that the existence of the game is actually a real thing in some form or another.

Silence and Rumors

The devs are keeping very quiet, which is something quite strange to do. This means that something truly bizarre is going on or they are secretly working on it. Considering that the secrecy is working to the company’s advantage.

Furthermore, all the rumors that are circulating around GTA 6 are creating quite the hype. That, in turn, makes for good marketing that is free and efficient — clearing a smooth path for the release of the game.

Development of GTA 6

It is possible that GTA 6 is still in early development, making it the reason for a no show at the E3 2019 event. Considering the implications, it would be better to miss the event altogether than to come up with a flawed presentation. That would cause even more worry and even mistrust among the fans.

But if you’re a fan of the GTA franchise you’re probably not thinking about development and marketing strategies. You just want the game or at least some information about it. So the E3 no show could give the wrong idea. Making fans believed that there would be no game.

Future GTA 6 Reveal

Gamescom could provide Rockstar Games with an excellent opportunity to release a GTA 6 teaser or a full trailer. Opting for a late summer presentation in August rather than an early one. That is, if the devs are ready for a presentation or if they are even willing. Possibly choosing to prolong the anticipation even further.

The Sony Conference is another option for the devs to showcase the game as Sony is expected to have an official presentation of their next-gen PlayStation. This could mean that Rockstar Games has partnered with Sony to release GTA 6 as a PS5 exclusive for their joint launch.

Rockstar Games could choose to officially present GTA 6 on their website as they did with GTA 5. They do not actually need an event to gain attention and hype, as they already have those in abundance.

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