Forgot Elder Scrolls Online User ID? Here’s what to do

recover elder scrolls online user id

One is exposed to having different password/ID to different account which makes the possibility of forgetting your ID very rampant now. However, if you are among those people that have forgotten you ESO ID, there is no cause for alarm.

How to recover Elder Scrolls Online User ID

Solution 1: Check Web Browser

If you have forgotten your ESO user ID, you can easily recover it by checking your web browser.

Here’s how:

  • Launch your web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox) associated with ESO
  • Click on the locker icon and then click on the View Saved Passwords” option. This will reveal saved user ID and password.
  • Copy the information and then use it to login to ESO.

Solution 2: Use the Forgot User ID option

ESO comes with the forgot User ID option which allows users to easily recover their forgotten ESO user ID.

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to account page and sign in
  • Click Forgot User-ID
  • Following the display menu, log in all required information and proceed to the next step to log in email.
  • Enter ESO account Email
  • A mail will be sent to the email provided on how to reset password.
  • If you can find the reset email in your inbox, try checking spam folder or important folder in your email.
  • Make sure that the ESO account is added as a safe senders list.

If your user ID is not connecting or you have problems completing user ID retrieval, it is recommended to check other settings to be sure everything is right in order.

If all solutions above did not solve the problem, try to create a support ticket by logging in. You are to fill and submit the recovery form through any of ESO online forums/website or you can simply contact their customer support.

Hope you find this helpful?

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